Man murdered in Medellín after asking neighbors to turn down their volume

By October 4, 2017

According to reports from Noticias Caracol, Alejandro León Londoño Espinoza, a 39-year-old mechanic living with his wife and daughter, was murdered on Sunday at 2:00 am in the Monteclaro section of Colombia’s second largest city of Medellín.

Juan Carlos Restrepo, Operational Chief of the Medellín Police Department, stated that both Londoño and his neighbor were outside their homes, when they had a chance encounter on the street. Londoño then demanded his neighbor turn down the volume of the music at a party that he was hosting at his house, as his two-month old child could not sleep because of the noise.

Londoño then demonstrated to his neighbor and the partygoers that he had a firearm in order to intimidate them. The neighbors, rather than being intimidated, started to argue with Londoño when two of the partygoers, still unidentified, rushed Londoño and tackled him. The attackers disarmed Londoño and shot him with his own firearm during the struggle. The victim was rushed to nearby Pablo Tobón Uribe Hospital, where he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

In a press conference for the media, Restrepo told reporters that the attackers felt threatened by Londoño. Both men, one 22-years old and the other 25-years old, were taken into custody by local police.


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