FARC’s delivery of arms is incomplete – Sergio Jaramillo

By June 28, 2017

Yesterday June 27th, despite setbacks, changes in the dates, and public opposition to the process of peace, former FARC terrorists surrendered more than 7,100 weapons to the Colombian government. The delivery was certified by the United Nations (UN), who were in attendance. However, most observers are critical of the process, and certain that FARC has more than 7,100 weapons in their arsenal.

One of the critics is Sergio Jaramillo, Colombia’s commissioner for peace, clarified that while he is pleased with the delivery and sees it as a positive step, FARC weapon caches still persist throughout the country. The surrender of arms, he indicated, will only conclude once all arms from these weapon caches have been delivered and verified by the United Nations. He also emphasized that only when all weapons have been delivered will the FARC be able to create their own political party.

Other critics have pointed out that only a part of the FARC terrorist group entered into the peace treaty, leaving hundreds still armed and fighting. Among these is the Miguel Botache Santillana, aka Gentil Duarte, who leads FARC’s all important 1st and 7th fronts.

The 7,100 figure surrendered does not include personal arms, which the FARC have claimed are necessary to defend their camps. The exact number of these arms is unknown. Prior reports and statement indicate that the FARC have more than 14,000 arms. That would mean they have delivered just over 50%. This figure does not include the arms held by FARC dissidents.

FARC terrorists currently imprisoned will be released in a general amnesty as part of the agreement, per ley 1820. The amnesty only applies to the felony charge of rebellion, and not more serious crimes. Jaramillo indicated that about 40% of those currently jailed will be released.


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